Addicted to Fship

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Friendship Day is around….(I know I don’t have to say sorry for posting it so late :P though have written it well before, actually you people keep me very busy ;) )So I can for sure say that this is one relation which never strives for a special occasion. Being with friends is an all time celebration. I must consider myself a bit lucky in Fship as I have many angels in my life. We can discuss our future, share our dreams and talk about our fears and their friendship is invaluable to me.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

I would like the world to know about these special people in my life. My roommates Shaddhu and Aadi, I just love them for always being there with me, for listening to my garbage talks, for tolerating all those love songs which I make them play every night, for pestering them for ginger tea at night though they are least interested in having one, for bitching with me about the people I hate, for consoling me when I need the most, for waiting till late night so that we can dine together, for trying to get me rid of all the bad habits I have (I am not mentioning any of them here :P :P ), for forcing me to write a special blog dedicated to them ;). Well gals so here is the one dedicated to you lovely people. Thanks for being my extended family and the best people in my life.

Aadi I can never forget the night when I was crying like hell and you were beside me, it was the worst day of my life and you were the only one with me. And people you know I threw my phone which was the biggest investment I did on myself, Aadi heard the loud noise and she came running towards the drying room. She saw me and then the phone, she shouted akkkuuuuu… I looked at her and was sobbing like a baby because I was upset and this chick says “your phone is all damaged” was taken by surprise she is more concerned about ma phone than me , Aadi started collecting all the pieces and watching her I just somehow could not stop myself from laughing …this is how friends are isn’t it?? Motu Aadi I love you a lot and sorry for endorsing your dancing capabilities to all and making you dance every now and then but must say you are the best dancer I have ever seen live.

Shaddhu is a darling…well I have always needed her more than she needed me. I always look for her advice when I cannot decide on things. I just love the way she pampers me. I will always cherish our late night talks even after saying goodnights and then struggling the next day to wake up and go to office, I just love the faces she makes when I use slangs…I love you a lot though you call me parrot :P

Richa, Chandni, Swati, Manjula & Subhash my office mates. They have made my life so easy in office, after truck load of work when we meet each other at breaks it is just an amazing feeling. We meet and we say shit about the people we don’t like in office and then just forget it. We all, it seems to me were destined to meet, when we met we all were facing tough times in life though the tough times have not finished but for sure we are with each other to deal with it. We cry together, we laugh together, we party together, we moan together, and we are together. I like when I use “WE” that is our strength. I wish all of them get the best in their life as they deserve the best and if any BC comes in between that…then uski to MBA lolz

People, this time I know I don’t have to make an appeal to value friendship as you all already do that. So as said the medicine of life is to have several true faithful friends.

Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead. Do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead. -- Anna Cummins

                                  Love you All

P.S. I Love You

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P.S. I Love You

When I was in bhilai got chance to meet a very dear friend of mine. After a long time we met so we had lot to share and talk about but I never thought and would have wanted anyone in this world to suffer what she has gone through.

There were these 2 people a girl (Khushbu) and a boy (Akram) they had been together since 10 yrs ….Khushbu told me that she was madly in love with this guy. As she is a Hindu-Brahmin so obviously things were not that easy for the young couple, but they never bothered and thought that they can convince everyone with the power of love. Akram was in his 20s and a sport person he was healthy enough to live a normal life but we have no say when destiny changes its mind, Akram fell sick, he had acute body pain and was getting weak day by day, he went through many checkups and DOCs figured out that he has developed some lung infection. After the treatments started properly, he started recovering and things started falling in place. Khushbu’s family had no clue about her relationship and they were looking for a suitable match for her. As Akram was not well so she was helpless in the situation and it was almost next to impossible for her to convince her family though Akram’s family has been very supportive, their relationship has nurtured with his parent’s blessings. There have been a lot of mess, but only thing that khushbu wanted was that Akram recovers fast and is in good health.

Things were moving at their own pace, they were hoping that everything will be perfect  but Suddenly Akram fell ill again and this time it was more serious, he used to have severe body aches , he stopped talking to khushbu , he started avoiding her until the day she figured out that.....that Akram has Cancer. To discover that he has a terminal illness was profoundly shocking and like a staggering blow but she had to fight she supported Akram’s family and him in every way possible. You never want to see you loved ones in pain watching the person who was once full of life …fading away, suffering every second, dying every minute is a punishment  and the worst thing is when you cannot change anything. Khushbu had to deal with all this. She always used to hide her tear back because she never wanted him to feel weak. She always carried a smile and used to say him “Aap bas thik ho jai phir bhaag jaate hai ghar se” and Akram used to give her a big smile.   Akram’s health was deteriorating and he was hospitalized. After few days in hospital he got stable and khushbu was relaxed that he is recovering.

Khushbu was just trying to sleep one night but since the day Akram has been hospitalized she always suffered from sleepless nights and never breaking silences. She now doesn’t pray God for their togetherness but for Akram’s well being ….that’s how Love just is…Isn’t it??? Well that night at around 12:36 when she was trying to calm down and sleep ,she saw Akram came and said to her “Betu you sleep I am all fine, See me ,I am all well , I don’t have any pain in my body now, you just sleep” She Slept and at around 6 A.M in the morning she got a call from one of her friend that let’s go and meet Akram , Khushbu said that it is not needed I already talked to him , he is all fine and needs rest. Her friend asked at what time you talked to him, Khushbu said 12:36. Her friend said that Akram passed away at 12:20 and he is no more. Khushbu was very confident that she talked to him, she told all her friends but nobody believed her and all said it might be an illusion. Her biggest regret is that she could not see him for the last time….Akram’s family waited for her till afternoon for the Akram’s last wish was to meet her…but Khushbu’s family did not allow…. She has lost him forever….he will never return and he will never live. She claims that she still talks to him and no one believes her….. No one can ever understand what she is going through…here eyes are puffy from crying all through the night and it has been every other night since last few weeks. The only thing that keeps her going is the fact to have loved him and to be loved by him.

No matter what the situation is, no-one is ever prepared to deal with what’s about to happen in their lives. No one can ever be prepared enough to lose a life of a loved one…and the emptiness you have in life is beyond loneliness. It is disheartening and unfortunate that we don’t have a choice…to live or Die.

People just a humble request that cherish you relationship, as all are not lucky enough to have their loved ones their side…..So please Cherish each and every relation of yours…your family, your friends, your beloved…Don’t ever let it go…

It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew

Pursuit of Love..

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Falling in love to falling apart

In past few days had some unpleasant, unexpected experiences which compelled me to give a thought on how does this “LOVE” thing works. I would like to write about different situations that I came across. I think all of us would have gone through this phase of life but do we know how to deal with it?? People don’t misunderstand me ,I am no good to give you solutions but just want  to pen down the dilemma , the confusion , the pain , the trouble it put us into. So let’s travel the journey together of Falling in love to falling apart.

Lovelorn, there are people who fall in love with someone he/she might not ever get, they want to put their heart open and let the other person know how much they love them, they want to tell the other person that there is not even a single second I don’t think of you, I relate each and every damn thing that happens to me to you, I can talk to you for hours together without ever needing a break, I find all the excuses to just meet you and spend some time with you, I long for your love. And we actually plan our whole life with that person and it seems that everything is picture perfect. But the twist in the tale is that it is a one sided love, to live with the fact that your love story never started with the one you love is hell. Why is this injustice people, if you love someone like crazy aren’t that the other person should also love you the same way. But Love is not about selfishness it is all about selflessness hard to settle with this thought but this is how it goes.

If you love someone, put their name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever.

Heartbroken, this also happens in love, that after years of strong relationship suddenly one wants to move out of the relationship, you actually feel so cheated on when someone calls off the relationship for no good reasons or when your partner ditch you in any other way. You feel like crying, you feel like shouting at that person, you feel completely shattered, scorned, hurt and humiliated .You decide to screw the person’s life who made your life miserable but trust me except that you might fight with the person, If the love is true you will never go to the extent of screwing your partner’s life even when you were cheated on that is what love is. It’s the worst feeling in the world to love and hate someone at the same time, Love actually makes you helpless at times and it is the stark truth, even after all the mess one does you are ready to forgive the person and at times also accept the person; you are ready to forget all the pains that were given to you. You will be the same loving person. Rightly said Grievances do not help in Love. Again hard to settle with this thought but this is how it goes.

Just admit that you never loved me so the pain you caused me makes sense. And you know what’s sad? I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to forget you. And you’ll spend the rest of yours, never thinking about me again

We are the perfect couples; we are just not in perfect situation. Many times it does happen that you have to take hard decisions in your life. You might have to decide to separate from the person you love the most. It’s the worst way life can treat you, it seems like a punishment. You can’t really move past it without facing it and feeling the pain infact a part of you dies when you lose someone you love. It makes me feel sick that why because of some filthy reasons the people in love are put into this situation. Why does this happen that at times you are given options when you don’t want to choose, when you cannot even think of being without each other. Why is it so hard to understand that nothing matters when LOVE is around? How it is expected from you to forget the moments spent in love…Still at times the circumstances decide you destiny again hard to settle with this thought but this is how it goes.

When you said we would be together forever I thought that meant until we die but I guess forever isn’t as long as it used to be.

That reminds me a beautiful line: My beloved says that Love has multiple shades like a rainbow; let’s love each other in every shade of love. Just hold on to the feeling and never let it go. Love really makes you mad but if does not it is not love right?? To the special person in my life, I am not sure what has been destined for us but just want to let you know that you are everything I want in my life and I just don’t know how to make it through this life without you. And I will do everything to make things work rest you know. I wish we can always be together. I wish….

Live through feeling and you will live through love. For feeling is the language of the soul, and feeling is a truth.
-- Matt Zotti

                                       All the best to all people in love and wish us luck too…
                                       God Bless and Stay in love!!!

Can you spare sometime for me?

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The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist.

An orphan is a child permanently bereaved of his or her parents, the literal meaning sounds harsh, sarcastic isn’t it??? Every child has got right to get education and an opportunity to live a descent life. But unfortunately there are millions of children who are living without any support system and are even deprived of the basic human needs.

It has been long could not update you people about Saraswati. There have been many visits to saraswati, every visit made me feel special, in every visit got to learn a lot from the kids. In one such visit, we arranged a doctor’s drive in saraswati, just regular checkups where we checked BMIs and some regular stuff. I was shocked to know that not even a single child had normal BMI (which should have been approx in between 19-25), and the doctor told me that the conditions are even worst in other NGOs where many of the kids suffer from malnutrition.  I enquired about the diet these kids are given and got to know they eat only Daal-Rice had a word with “Aai” she said that is what they could afford.  It is very disheartening to know the facts and face it. Anyways it’s a relief that organisation like ours are doing excellent work and taking CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seriously. During the checkups I was given the responsibility to maintain the excel sheet, so all the kids used to come to me first. Little Saagar came to me and was just staring at me with frank fascination, I asked him what happened?  After a long time this shy boy replies that “di aapka nails blue kyun hai” ha ha that was my nail paint colour, I started laughing and all the other kids too came close to scrutinize what is weird with my nails and when I told them it’s ma nail paint got lot of suggestions from young girls as in strictly not to use such colours  :P.  Another thing to my surprise while updating the excel was that the NGO people have chosen 4-5  Last Names  and have randomly given them to kids infact many kids have also share the same First names. No wonder I am always confused with their names and these smart kids always test me by asking me to recall their names and also spell them. Lolzz So in all the Doctor’s drive went well, and for kids it was just like another get together.

I also visited NGO when the IPLs matches were going on, Uh was surprised to know that each and every one of them had a favourite team, Mumbai Indians was the most popular name, When they asked me about my favourite team was speechless, as I never followed IPL, the small boys lost all interest in me, Jiva said to me “ Kya Di IPL nahi dekhte”  : (. The first time I realised IPLs popularity, so now to make them happy I found an alternative, I joined Nalanda, Aishwirya ,sakshi who were playing Raja Rani Chor Police” . We used to play this game when I was 7-8 yrs but honestly enjoyed a lot while playing the game with them. Their mischievous eyes when they used to cheat and secretly peep into my chit which was worth watching. I awe them for the smile on ma face.

Also would like to share about my most recent visit. Well one of the director in my organisation planned to celebrate his daughter’s b’day with the NGO kids. So as decided we reached the ashram at around 4pm. When we entered the perimeter of the ashram a covey of children saw me and all came running towards me , it has been after long I cud make it to Saraswati and the first thought that came to my mind was that I have already missed a lot of such moments. It feels great when you are welcomed with such beautiful smiles; all the kids huddled around me and were complaining for my absence, for not being in touch with them. After giving them some filthy excuses finally things were as normal as before. The kids started giving me all the updates about their life, one of the best news I got was that all the kids passed their exams with flying colours, they are working hard for a better future.

By the time I was with the kids all the arrangement were done for the b’day bash .  It was “Kanni’s”  5th b’day , she was in her own world  ,too innocent  to understand  the realities of  life , she played with all the others  and enjoyed the slides . That reminds me to tell you people that a group of people have donated 2 slides and have also utilised the unused land at the centre of ashram to make a garden.  We also have cement boundary walls now so the ashram has become a better place to live in. While we were about to leave the place one of the family member( from Mr Mohan’s family) came to me and said that the kids actually like you a lot and are genuinely close to you. I was actually surprised that it never occurred to me, but it was nice to figure this out.

This time another friend of mine Shraddha got along with me, she told me that not every NGO provides such a good life, the conditions there is really deplorable and pitiable, at ground levels the reality is hard to hear. But People nothing is impossible even if we can spare a little time it can make someone’s life. And I believe that today’s generation understand their responsibilities towards society. I too have many people around me who are doing great work to help this unprivileged children their efforts are unparalleled. How thoughtful it was that Mr Mohan instead of throwing a lavish party planned his daughter’s b’day in an NGO, Dr Pooja who has been working hard to get the slums kids educated and has initiated an effort with name “Paathshala”, Shraddha who goes every weekend to provide tuitions to the kids in NGO named “Niradhar”....and many more.... Have you ever done something like this, if not it’s not too late trust me on this, you will always cherish the time you spared to make someone happy. You will always feel proud to make someone’s life.

People quality time is the biggest gift you can give to them and they actually crave for it or else for the matter of fact we too so it’s time to act now and act as if what you do make a difference and it does. Many innocent souls seek help and they have a hope that one day God’s angel would come and bring smile on their face. Please go ahead and be one of them. Someone needs you and someone is waiting for you ...take a call...

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can.  ~Sydney Smith

When a girl is 25…..

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Marriage Vows !!!!

I know people you might be wondering why I picked up such a strange and might be even ridiculous topic to write about. But I have always been amongst those girls who want to get married!!! Oh puhleaseee don’t laugh a very honest dream of mine …there might be a lot of influence from my mom because she is just crazy about my wedding …since years she has been planning about how every function will be organized. Well I too have many plans … I know not everything would happen the way I want to…but will atleast pen down my thoughts so I that can cherish it forever.
         Ahh would like to start with the Sangeet program, I want to dance like crazy in ma marriage infact you guys will not believe  that with my best friends Shraddha and Aadi have also decided the tracks we will dance on. Aadi is the choreographer and she is trying hard that we atleast learn few steps lolz , at present learning  dance steps on “ Mehndi hai rachne wali” (Zubeida) trust me  it’s funny to watch us..Aadi has also decided her attires for the marriage she even has arranged the snaps so that there is no last moment chaos he he…I just remember one day I was in office and this lady sent me an email in which our bollywood Divas were dressed in sarees, the subject of the mail was “aku please decide the one for me” crazy isn’t it...These people support me in all ma madness and this is one of them.
Now a days the marriages are just planned for a day or 2 but I will not mind even if it goes for a week :P. In Indian weddings (specially the Marwaris) we have lot of customs and elaborate rituals and I want to follow each of them starting with Ganesh  ji ki pooja  that’s the very first thing done in our marriages this we call as “ Vindayak sthapna” After which starts the haldi  we call it “Pithi” ( I hope I am spelling all this words correct) , in this pithi a paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied to the bride and after this they cannot move out of the house they have some auspicious reasons for that. In one of ma cousin’s wedding I too tried, it was really very relaxing and the aroma was intoxicating, I just loved it. Well as the pre wedding rituals starts, in almost all the evenings a mehfil (get-to-gather) is being arranged where they play dholak and pre-wedding songs, there of  lot of dance and music. All the ladies do Ghoomar (a folk dance) my mom and masis (mom’s sisters) are just too good at it. I don’t know how to do Ghoomar but will try and learn before my marriageJ.
                  Another function that I recall is “Mahira” where the maternal uncles come amidst the celebrations and give lots of gifts to the people of the house. I am very close to my nanihal people so this function means a lot to me. A thing worth notice is that majority of the girls are more close to their nanihal strange... he he. Then comes the “Mehndi” function that’s my favourite infact majority of the girls might feel the same. Umm so after the Mehndi function we have Sangeet the most awaited event in the wedding. On the wedding day or a day before it, groom's relatives bring the “shaadi ka Joda” (Wedding Dress) to the bride's home along with the jewellery. Then comes the wedding day, the bride wait for groom's marriage procession (baraat) there is street dancing by the baraatis though sounds and also looks funny but I am sure everyone enjoys it. Anyways after the mood is set and the music is on who cares where we are. And then the “Pheras” and “Bidaai” and finally you live happily ever after.... (That’s an ideal case :P , have read somewhere that : Love is Blind , but marriages restores it sights")
I know the marriages are marked by flamboyance and grandiosity but I want my wedding to be with good cheer and loads of fun.  Well tried to write with the best of my knowledge, we have lot of post wedding rituals too but not very sure about them, I think I need an experience ;) so will update you people the day I know .
  Marriages are losing importance in today’s world but I believe it’s the destiny for people in love. It resembles one of the purest bonds and the best thing about marriage is that you can fall in love with the same person many times .So People those who are married, those who are planning to and those who are not planning but have to it’s an appeal to keep you marriage brimming with immense love and lot of trust. As said that the goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together. It is one of the most rewarding commitments we can ever hope to make. 
All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different

Cheers !!!

Reflection of ma school days

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School Day memories 

Today on my way to office,  luckily I was wearing my specs so was paying attention to things outside....we passed by many places like church, Station, bus stops, hospitals , Shopping complexes and then what actually caught my attention was School..I saw many students walking in a line probably for morning assembly. It made me feel nostalgic about my school days so thought to revive ma school day memories.
I was a DAVian a proud DAVian, a very naughty child, good at studies but a backbencher. In my early school days the thing I remember the most is the animal dance, we used to wear different kind of animal dresses and then do PT (Some weird exercises) in sports day. Shobha Mam was the one who used to make us perform it and the worst part was for 2 consecutive years I got the dress of a cow lolzzz and I always wanted to become a bear but to go and say this to Mam was the most courageous thing I could have thought of doing so I was a happy being a cow girl he he.

In DAV the complete crowd including the teachers were divided into 4 houses Tagore (Green Badge), Gandhi (Blue Badge), Patel (Yellow badge) and Nehru (Red Badge). I was a Tagorian, it was always like a battle ground in between these groups let be in sports, co-curricular activities anything. Our principal Mr Prashant Vashisht was a disciplinarian and was particular about the students following the dress code ... when I say dress code it means clean Shoe policy (we used to keep a small cloth inside our sox it was used whenever there was a checking by the prefects), army cut hairstyle for boys, 2 plaits for girls (no pony tail), ID card, Badge blah blah blah. Well many of the times we used to forget some or the other thing and then prefects used to make us stand at a place where everyone can see the people punished trust me we were not at all ashamed infact it was a proud feeling to stand aloof from the crowd. Many times we used to get punished voluntarily and many times just to company friends ;) I hope you people would have also done this in your school life.

We had a gang called STAR (Suman , Thushara, Akansha,Rupali)  a rocking group must say and the extension to this group was Roopkamal (Roopa bai),Priyanka S (Pallavi).... We used to do all the girlish stuffs that we should do.....I remember the NV jokes we used to share (the 1st NV joke I have heard in my life was with them) the first time when one amongst our group had a crush on head boy of the school Oh mine!!!  It became a craze for all of us, Rupali’s crush on Nick Carter (Back Street Boys guy) and her 8-9 pages letter to him...Not sure whether she ever posted them, then our hand signs (which symbolized our group) that we used to do just to throw tantrums, those secret love letters passed by boys ha ha i remember a fanatic guy had written a stupid, freaky letter to me on his 10th class admit card and got suspended from school  it became a big issue though made me famous. And keeping everything aside these girls are damn talented and at present following up their dreams.

The funniest incident that I can think of is.... As girls are always inhabit of moving in groups...We girls used to go to FP (Fav Place –Wash room) together I mean even if one has to go to FP the rest used to come to company so once when the  interval was just about to get over ..We went to FP, And one amongst us went inside and the others were waiting outside we did not have a latch inside so we used to lock the door from outside: P and now the disaster happened we locked the door from outside and when the bell rang indicating the interval is over we forgot to unlatch the door and went to class... We got a shock when after sometime the 4th girl came completely frustrated as head boy was the one to rescue her...lolzz  After a while we all laughed like anything that is how friends are J Are you people curious to know  Who was the girl inside the FP..??? Let it be a mystery that’s our top secret.

One thing that I feel sad about is that I always looked forward for becoming prefect, head girl and wearing those badges which were distributed in front of the whole school the way our seniors used to get which shows you have an authority it really meant a lot but something went wrong with the administration and we were not given badges: (Anyways never mind still those were the best days of my life. I miss those days when we have to study those crazy lessons to pass the class tests , terminals , half-yearly  and boards which you have to face twice in lifetime and there are few schools where in 8th standard also they have board exams..n DAV was one of them. I miss those days when I used to get the jitters whenever there is reporting in front of the class or whenever need to get ma parents signature on report card. I miss standing out of the class for punishments I really miss the place and the people.

Thanks to all ma friends who made it beautiful. Love you all and miss you people.

What’s the best part of your school days that you would vouch for???

Cheers !!!

God Bless !!!

Trip to Murud continued....

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23rd NOV’ 2008

A bright sunny day we woke up early in the morning for the so called “Dolphin watch”

The guys could not make it as they all were sleeping but all the girls did not miss the chance… as apart from the Dolphin watch they wanted to see the sun rising and waise bhi only girls can think of seeing the Sun rising from West  Anyways we all enjoyed seeing Dolphins and smiled every time Dolphins jumped.
By the time we came back the guys were ready so we decided to go for parasailing… But  there was a long queue for parasailing so we thought to again go and play in water……..But guys had some other plans, they again proposed to go for boating so thats what we did next.

The guy who took us he just said casually that if you people feel like diving go for it …we just asked what is the depth here he said 75 feet …personally I thought he has gone nuts that he is asking us to dive here… And to my surprise in our group many were ready to do that… So finally Sumit, Shreyansh, Priyank they all with the life jackets got into the water……they can never forget that moment I am sure .....the most scary thing was Shreyansh and Priyank didn't know swimming…but still can remember the achievement on their faces…

Hey I have not mentioned one name Bhavna as it needs to be highlighted ….she has hell lot of guts boss ….she was the only one who got into the water ..without life jacket she actually scared the hell out of me..But hats offs to her.

After this adventure we headed for parasailing actually Mission- Parasailing for vasu he was so scared lolzz but we all enjoyed……

So now our trip was coming to end we went back had lunch and packed our bags…
Time to go back to pavilion …while coming our star singers again sang some beautiful songs for us and of course including their pet songs and this time with little bit of dancing also… then after an hour we all were completely exhausted so we all tried to sleep in those uncomfortable bus seats. And we managed some how… and at 5 am early in the morning we reached Pune. It was the end of our journey but beginning og many last longing relationships…So let's keep the flame of friendship alive

Our group believes that:

If you have a zest for life, you will never miss out on fun. Don't be uptight all the time. Drop your worries and just learn to chill-out……….

Long Live Friendship !!!!


Our trip to Murud

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In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.

22nd NOV’ 2008
We all met at Sharda Center at about 5.00 am in the morning heading for a beautiful trip far away from the hustling and bustling of the city believe me I had no idea that the next 2 days will be amongst the most beautiful days of my life and I can never forget this days....

I would first like to introduce all the people who were part of this trip....

Ashish Chowdhury (baby): He is very Cute and mast maula types

Ashish Samarth (Sam): He is intelligent and fun loving

Sumit Agrawal: He is a nice chap and an amazing person

Abhishek Vijay: He is a very sweet sa boy and very loving & caring

Vaasu: He is full of enthusiasm and energy and very caring

Priyank Patel: He has tremendous energy and hamara star singer hai ji

 Reshma Setpal: she is very silent and innocent and has a lovely voice.

Bhawna Arora: she is a beautiful girl and with lots of courage…

Shrayansh Jain: He is clear hearted and speaks with with little punjabi accent which Actually suits him….

Priya Garg: She is a sweetheart and a wonderful friend must say lucky if you are in her friend list

Rashmi Khati: She is very thoughtful and a lovely company.

Vaishali Khandelwal: She is brave & has lots of guts.

Akansha Mittal: She is charming, caring, loves to enjoy to fullest n one who likes very much to pull anybody’s leg ...and after this trip she is able to write……..also ha ha this is what my friend wrote for me...

So now the unforgettable tour begins….
We all were sitting on stairs of Sharda waiting for the bus to come and take us to our destination but the bus was about 2 hours late… D'oh  it was so tough for all of us to wake up so early in the morning that too on Saturday huh…. But finally we all went for a tea and by the time we came the bus also arrived and we started with our trip… Our friends who started from GIGA already reserved the seats for all of us. We all occupied the last seats of the bus like the back benchers…. (I think majority of us would have enjoyed the privilege of being the backbenchers during their school days and college days)

Initially when the bus started there was a bit silence as we all were famished and was waiting for the breakfast. It took around one-half hour to reach mulshi where we had breakfast. The view was mesmerizing valleys, mountains, lake …. Vow it was such a wonderful experience…

After having breakfast we again started the journey and now all were synergetic and enthusiastic. We started with the most popular game in India Guess what??? Yes Of course Antakshri and our star players were Vasu, Priyank, Ashish and Sumit.
All of us can never forget few songs ever: “Maa Meri Maa Se Mila De Mujhe” and “The Karz one” (So has anyone counted how many times Priyank sang these songs ..Anyways he rocked)……Well this game continued for about 4-5 hours but our star players were consistent in their energy level…God knows from where they got this energy from but it was real fun I must say we had a blast……Finally we reached Murud (a village) …it was a very different feeling we all were given rooms….all the 5 girls we stayed together it was not a hotel but we actually stayed with the locals. I hope all the girls will always remember Yogesh and his sweet talks… Yogesh was a localitie and was 8-9 year old … all of us enjoyed the conversations with him and actually watching fish in a well with him… he found that so fascinating can never forget the innocence on his face he used to throw stones in well so that we can watch fishes.

Well we all freshened up and met again for the lunch which was very simple , away from all the spices……but then who cares when we are hungry….so after our lunch was over we went to the beach…
It was our first encounter with the virgin beach…it was quite clean…trust me it was a mind blowing experience to see the beautiful coastal region of Konkan...

Can still hear the sea noice some times it was hell scary and some times soothing…all played in water…nothing scared them neither the tides nor the sea animals…accept few like me who were scared of water and Rashmi who loved to sit near the seashore all the others played football and did lot of masti

They all just freaked out….it was pleasure watching all of them away from all the tensions and worries of life…and the best part of the trip was our phones were out of coverage...I guess we all would have never thought to live w/o our phones for 2 days but I am sure no one would have actually missed it either.

Then comes the Sunset……!!!!!!
After being in water for long we all were bit tired and were damn hungry so thought of having dinner and then planned to come to beach again….When we reached the venue where our dinner arrangements were made things were looking pretty different…All the other people who came in the trip were in the mood of dance…..And our group being over enthusiastic and full of fanatics as usual just need a chance to dance so we rocked the floor as we had some great dancers in our group…Please don’t think that I am exaggerating actually our group has many talented people and they at knew to live their life to the fullest….that is why we rocked.

And we kept it going…….!!!!!!!!!! The Pic below…. gonna be most remembered……!!!!!!!!

So at about 10:30-11:00 pm we all went to the beach the way to beach had no lights there was complete darkness and we made all sort of noises to scare each other but then we have all the brave people in our group so nothing worked…
At the sea shore we all just relaxed our self and spent few hours staring at the sky which was inky black and full of twinkling stars , seeing the reflection of stars in the deep blue sea was incredible…and in the background some romantic tracks (Specially Kahin to hogi woh…) to make the atmosphere very light. At times there was complete silence as all were lost in their thoughts probably might be thinking about some loved ones, some incomplete stories, dreams desires…. As one of my friend always says that we always miss our closed ones when we are on such places … or when it rains…I guess everyone there was experiencing the same…it was fantabulous…. We did not realize that it was mid night, actually we all felt like sleeping there only but then it was bit cold. So we decided to get back to our rooms…

That night we lived our childhood again...

The journey continues...................

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