Reflection of ma school days

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School Day memories 

Today on my way to office,  luckily I was wearing my specs so was paying attention to things outside....we passed by many places like church, Station, bus stops, hospitals , Shopping complexes and then what actually caught my attention was School..I saw many students walking in a line probably for morning assembly. It made me feel nostalgic about my school days so thought to revive ma school day memories.
I was a DAVian a proud DAVian, a very naughty child, good at studies but a backbencher. In my early school days the thing I remember the most is the animal dance, we used to wear different kind of animal dresses and then do PT (Some weird exercises) in sports day. Shobha Mam was the one who used to make us perform it and the worst part was for 2 consecutive years I got the dress of a cow lolzzz and I always wanted to become a bear but to go and say this to Mam was the most courageous thing I could have thought of doing so I was a happy being a cow girl he he.

In DAV the complete crowd including the teachers were divided into 4 houses Tagore (Green Badge), Gandhi (Blue Badge), Patel (Yellow badge) and Nehru (Red Badge). I was a Tagorian, it was always like a battle ground in between these groups let be in sports, co-curricular activities anything. Our principal Mr Prashant Vashisht was a disciplinarian and was particular about the students following the dress code ... when I say dress code it means clean Shoe policy (we used to keep a small cloth inside our sox it was used whenever there was a checking by the prefects), army cut hairstyle for boys, 2 plaits for girls (no pony tail), ID card, Badge blah blah blah. Well many of the times we used to forget some or the other thing and then prefects used to make us stand at a place where everyone can see the people punished trust me we were not at all ashamed infact it was a proud feeling to stand aloof from the crowd. Many times we used to get punished voluntarily and many times just to company friends ;) I hope you people would have also done this in your school life.

We had a gang called STAR (Suman , Thushara, Akansha,Rupali)  a rocking group must say and the extension to this group was Roopkamal (Roopa bai),Priyanka S (Pallavi).... We used to do all the girlish stuffs that we should do.....I remember the NV jokes we used to share (the 1st NV joke I have heard in my life was with them) the first time when one amongst our group had a crush on head boy of the school Oh mine!!!  It became a craze for all of us, Rupali’s crush on Nick Carter (Back Street Boys guy) and her 8-9 pages letter to him...Not sure whether she ever posted them, then our hand signs (which symbolized our group) that we used to do just to throw tantrums, those secret love letters passed by boys ha ha i remember a fanatic guy had written a stupid, freaky letter to me on his 10th class admit card and got suspended from school  it became a big issue though made me famous. And keeping everything aside these girls are damn talented and at present following up their dreams.

The funniest incident that I can think of is.... As girls are always inhabit of moving in groups...We girls used to go to FP (Fav Place –Wash room) together I mean even if one has to go to FP the rest used to come to company so once when the  interval was just about to get over ..We went to FP, And one amongst us went inside and the others were waiting outside we did not have a latch inside so we used to lock the door from outside: P and now the disaster happened we locked the door from outside and when the bell rang indicating the interval is over we forgot to unlatch the door and went to class... We got a shock when after sometime the 4th girl came completely frustrated as head boy was the one to rescue her...lolzz  After a while we all laughed like anything that is how friends are J Are you people curious to know  Who was the girl inside the FP..??? Let it be a mystery that’s our top secret.

One thing that I feel sad about is that I always looked forward for becoming prefect, head girl and wearing those badges which were distributed in front of the whole school the way our seniors used to get which shows you have an authority it really meant a lot but something went wrong with the administration and we were not given badges: (Anyways never mind still those were the best days of my life. I miss those days when we have to study those crazy lessons to pass the class tests , terminals , half-yearly  and boards which you have to face twice in lifetime and there are few schools where in 8th standard also they have board exams..n DAV was one of them. I miss those days when I used to get the jitters whenever there is reporting in front of the class or whenever need to get ma parents signature on report card. I miss standing out of the class for punishments I really miss the place and the people.

Thanks to all ma friends who made it beautiful. Love you all and miss you people.

What’s the best part of your school days that you would vouch for???

Cheers !!!

God Bless !!!

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u made me remember those good old days"koi lauta de wo pyaare pyaare din" n i believe that u wud agree to this that we enjoyed our school life more 'coz we were a DAVian
luv u dear 4 bringing back good old memories

Yes I do agree ...dat it was all coz we were DAVians...we had the best teachers out dere :)I miss all of dem..

Wow, while reading I too was remembering my School days.

Hey I didnt knew that Thushara was your classmate, I thought she was from MBS & then came to MGM.

Keep writing...

:) days were really fun na..Yes Thushara was in DAV..
Yes will try to write till you people read...haha

wel even m back to the good old days... really miss those...
& Raji abt u.. u have a very bad General Knowledge u know it ryt...?

Hey Akki!!
Purani yaadein taaza kar di yaar tune...
Missing those days...

Yes Nilay...thnx dude u always read ma blogs... swear it really motivates me a lot..Yes even i was surprised dat Raji does not know lolz...BTW even i had a question that Raji is from MGM too?

@Rashmi..babes i miss you too a lot..if i think abt me college days ..its with you i have spent the maximum time and honestly used to love it. Miss Ya

lady... whats this.... :) u made me remember those days yar... suddenly i feel as if that FP incident happened y'day.. :P those days whr so good na... hey so many NVs... hey so many things yar.. so good ... our lovely school days... :P... naughty girls we whr indeed na... :).. u remember how we use to have strong opinion on each topic happening around us... we use to discuss it... aaahh so good this feel is... :)
thanks gal... i feel so good reading this... keep doing this.. :)

Yes thuski :) our discussion those heavy words it was all amazing :) love ya :) miss u darling

heyy lovelyy akkuuu
thanx for refreshing my memories again......

Oh Roopa Darling you are most welcome !!! muaah

by the way akku u forgot to mention our munga dance that v use to off corse our Sports will definelty an add on...

yes definetly dear..mungda was real fun !!! n sports coach ...lolz

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