Trip to Murud continued....

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23rd NOV’ 2008

A bright sunny day we woke up early in the morning for the so called “Dolphin watch”

The guys could not make it as they all were sleeping but all the girls did not miss the chance… as apart from the Dolphin watch they wanted to see the sun rising and waise bhi only girls can think of seeing the Sun rising from West  Anyways we all enjoyed seeing Dolphins and smiled every time Dolphins jumped.
By the time we came back the guys were ready so we decided to go for parasailing… But  there was a long queue for parasailing so we thought to again go and play in water……..But guys had some other plans, they again proposed to go for boating so thats what we did next.

The guy who took us he just said casually that if you people feel like diving go for it …we just asked what is the depth here he said 75 feet …personally I thought he has gone nuts that he is asking us to dive here… And to my surprise in our group many were ready to do that… So finally Sumit, Shreyansh, Priyank they all with the life jackets got into the water……they can never forget that moment I am sure .....the most scary thing was Shreyansh and Priyank didn't know swimming…but still can remember the achievement on their faces…

Hey I have not mentioned one name Bhavna as it needs to be highlighted ….she has hell lot of guts boss ….she was the only one who got into the water ..without life jacket she actually scared the hell out of me..But hats offs to her.

After this adventure we headed for parasailing actually Mission- Parasailing for vasu he was so scared lolzz but we all enjoyed……

So now our trip was coming to end we went back had lunch and packed our bags…
Time to go back to pavilion …while coming our star singers again sang some beautiful songs for us and of course including their pet songs and this time with little bit of dancing also… then after an hour we all were completely exhausted so we all tried to sleep in those uncomfortable bus seats. And we managed some how… and at 5 am early in the morning we reached Pune. It was the end of our journey but beginning og many last longing relationships…So let's keep the flame of friendship alive

Our group believes that:

If you have a zest for life, you will never miss out on fun. Don't be uptight all the time. Drop your worries and just learn to chill-out……….

Long Live Friendship !!!!


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Hey sweety..nice the bolg luking more attractive..njoying while reading :-)

dats took almost 4-5 hrs to make it look this way , feeling more relaxed after your comment..kewl that u liked

awesome new face to the blog
appears more "TEMPTING" now
jokes apart did a gr8 work

thnks Di :)

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