I felt it shelter to speak to you…

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So I finally decided to write…as I have always written about my experiences, my people…so this time as well a very important person in my life gave me reasons to pen down my feelings…She is the most consistent part in my life, she can read my mind, she accepts me with all my negatives, she is there with me through my thick and thin, she brings out the best in me, she is my sturdy shelter, she is my bestest friend C. She gives me all the reason to believe that “True friends are a reward, leaving them is the penalty of life

If being asked I cannot tell the precise moment when we became such good friends there have been zillion of small tiny things that we shared together which eventually ended up in the one that makes the heart run over. Though it has been just few months in journey of our friendship but I am so sure that it is  a lifetime journey and our friendship will be longer than forever.

All the time we spend together is the time that I will cherish all my life. My best friend has shifted to a new place but I miss what this city used to be when she was there.  Watching SITCOM (I only used to watch SATC though: P) and movies together, having maggi and tea at midnight, listening to our favorite tracks “tere liye”, “tip tip barsa paani “and many more cheesy ones *wink-wink*, those never ending conversations about silly things and at times heavy discussions on life, going for shopping, eating paanipuri at our favorite place, hanging out, going for pampering, partying and getting tipsy ;) and there is no end to the amount of fun we have.  This is our way of spending time :)  I know many of you also must be having such special friends in life and I hope you realize that they are like treasure. They have known you forever, they have loved you even when they know everything about you, they have seen you change and they have let you change, they have seen you making mistakes and even if they couldn’t stop you they ensured their presence in your life and this is the way friends are.

Alright people….But C has not always been good to me …she has done few things majorly wrong infact I hope she remembers I told her this long time back that “You have set my expectation so high from a friend that now you have to ensure me your presence all the time because am not going to get another you and not that I am looking for one. Also I don’t like addictions and it is difficult to get rid of them so this is the next wrong thing you did that is getting me addicted to you”. I hope she has heard about this “When somebody knows you well, well there's no comfort like that. And when somebody needs you, well there's no drug like that  J J

On a serious node it is bliss to have such friends in your life and it is important that they are always made feel special. And as rightly said “Love is rarer than genius itself. And friendship is rarer than love” So I am going to speak it loud to C that: Thanks for being there with me during the fun time and the hard time, thanks for being a person whom I can call at 4am in the morning and tell that I am not sleepy can we talk ;), thanks for coming over and taking all the pains to travel just to make me happy or just to see me drunk  :D , thanks for dealing with all kind of mood fluctuations I have, thanks for taking care of me all the time I am drunk ;)  and listening to never ending trash talks of vodka smelling Akku ,thanks for being patient with me as I am stubborn and careless, thanks for not changing me and accepting me as I am. I Lauvvv you to bits CS!!!

People, don’t waste time pick up your phone …make a call and tell your friends how important their presence is in your life. And many of you have been asking me the reason I have not been blogging since long, so you can always catch hold of C, she keeps me busy all the time J.

Lots of Love

People say best friends are hard to find -- that's because the best is already mine!!!! 

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