P.S. I Love You

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P.S. I Love You

When I was in bhilai got chance to meet a very dear friend of mine. After a long time we met so we had lot to share and talk about but I never thought and would have wanted anyone in this world to suffer what she has gone through.

There were these 2 people a girl (Khushbu) and a boy (Akram) they had been together since 10 yrs ….Khushbu told me that she was madly in love with this guy. As she is a Hindu-Brahmin so obviously things were not that easy for the young couple, but they never bothered and thought that they can convince everyone with the power of love. Akram was in his 20s and a sport person he was healthy enough to live a normal life but we have no say when destiny changes its mind, Akram fell sick, he had acute body pain and was getting weak day by day, he went through many checkups and DOCs figured out that he has developed some lung infection. After the treatments started properly, he started recovering and things started falling in place. Khushbu’s family had no clue about her relationship and they were looking for a suitable match for her. As Akram was not well so she was helpless in the situation and it was almost next to impossible for her to convince her family though Akram’s family has been very supportive, their relationship has nurtured with his parent’s blessings. There have been a lot of mess, but only thing that khushbu wanted was that Akram recovers fast and is in good health.

Things were moving at their own pace, they were hoping that everything will be perfect  but Suddenly Akram fell ill again and this time it was more serious, he used to have severe body aches , he stopped talking to khushbu , he started avoiding her until the day she figured out that.....that Akram has Cancer. To discover that he has a terminal illness was profoundly shocking and like a staggering blow but she had to fight she supported Akram’s family and him in every way possible. You never want to see you loved ones in pain watching the person who was once full of life …fading away, suffering every second, dying every minute is a punishment  and the worst thing is when you cannot change anything. Khushbu had to deal with all this. She always used to hide her tear back because she never wanted him to feel weak. She always carried a smile and used to say him “Aap bas thik ho jai phir bhaag jaate hai ghar se” and Akram used to give her a big smile.   Akram’s health was deteriorating and he was hospitalized. After few days in hospital he got stable and khushbu was relaxed that he is recovering.

Khushbu was just trying to sleep one night but since the day Akram has been hospitalized she always suffered from sleepless nights and never breaking silences. She now doesn’t pray God for their togetherness but for Akram’s well being ….that’s how Love just is…Isn’t it??? Well that night at around 12:36 when she was trying to calm down and sleep ,she saw Akram came and said to her “Betu you sleep I am all fine, See me ,I am all well , I don’t have any pain in my body now, you just sleep” She Slept and at around 6 A.M in the morning she got a call from one of her friend that let’s go and meet Akram , Khushbu said that it is not needed I already talked to him , he is all fine and needs rest. Her friend asked at what time you talked to him, Khushbu said 12:36. Her friend said that Akram passed away at 12:20 and he is no more. Khushbu was very confident that she talked to him, she told all her friends but nobody believed her and all said it might be an illusion. Her biggest regret is that she could not see him for the last time….Akram’s family waited for her till afternoon for the funeral...as Akram’s last wish was to meet her…but Khushbu’s family did not allow…. She has lost him forever….he will never return and he will never live. She claims that she still talks to him and no one believes her….. No one can ever understand what she is going through…here eyes are puffy from crying all through the night and it has been every other night since last few weeks. The only thing that keeps her going is the fact to have loved him and to be loved by him.

No matter what the situation is, no-one is ever prepared to deal with what’s about to happen in their lives. No one can ever be prepared enough to lose a life of a loved one…and the emptiness you have in life is beyond loneliness. It is disheartening and unfortunate that we don’t have a choice…to live or Die.

People just a humble request that cherish you relationship, as all are not lucky enough to have their loved ones ...at their side…..So please Cherish each and every relation of yours…your family, your friends, your beloved…Don’t ever let it go…

It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew

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