Our trip to Murud

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In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.

22nd NOV’ 2008
We all met at Sharda Center at about 5.00 am in the morning heading for a beautiful trip far away from the hustling and bustling of the city believe me I had no idea that the next 2 days will be amongst the most beautiful days of my life and I can never forget this days....

I would first like to introduce all the people who were part of this trip....

Ashish Chowdhury (baby): He is very Cute and mast maula types

Ashish Samarth (Sam): He is intelligent and fun loving

Sumit Agrawal: He is a nice chap and an amazing person

Abhishek Vijay: He is a very sweet sa boy and very loving & caring

Vaasu: He is full of enthusiasm and energy and very caring

Priyank Patel: He has tremendous energy and hamara star singer hai ji

 Reshma Setpal: she is very silent and innocent and has a lovely voice.

Bhawna Arora: she is a beautiful girl and with lots of courage…

Shrayansh Jain: He is clear hearted and speaks with with little punjabi accent which Actually suits him….

Priya Garg: She is a sweetheart and a wonderful friend must say lucky if you are in her friend list

Rashmi Khati: She is very thoughtful and a lovely company.

Vaishali Khandelwal: She is brave & has lots of guts.

Akansha Mittal: She is charming, caring, loves to enjoy to fullest n one who likes very much to pull anybody’s leg ...and after this trip she is able to write……..also ha ha this is what my friend wrote for me...

So now the unforgettable tour begins….
We all were sitting on stairs of Sharda waiting for the bus to come and take us to our destination but the bus was about 2 hours late… D'oh  it was so tough for all of us to wake up so early in the morning that too on Saturday huh…. But finally we all went for a tea and by the time we came the bus also arrived and we started with our trip… Our friends who started from GIGA already reserved the seats for all of us. We all occupied the last seats of the bus like the back benchers…. (I think majority of us would have enjoyed the privilege of being the backbenchers during their school days and college days)

Initially when the bus started there was a bit silence as we all were famished and was waiting for the breakfast. It took around one-half hour to reach mulshi where we had breakfast. The view was mesmerizing valleys, mountains, lake …. Vow it was such a wonderful experience…

After having breakfast we again started the journey and now all were synergetic and enthusiastic. We started with the most popular game in India Guess what??? Yes Of course Antakshri and our star players were Vasu, Priyank, Ashish and Sumit.
All of us can never forget few songs ever: “Maa Meri Maa Se Mila De Mujhe” and “The Karz one” (So has anyone counted how many times Priyank sang these songs ..Anyways he rocked)……Well this game continued for about 4-5 hours but our star players were consistent in their energy level…God knows from where they got this energy from but it was real fun I must say we had a blast……Finally we reached Murud (a village) …it was a very different feeling we all were given rooms….all the 5 girls we stayed together it was not a hotel but we actually stayed with the locals. I hope all the girls will always remember Yogesh and his sweet talks… Yogesh was a localitie and was 8-9 year old … all of us enjoyed the conversations with him and actually watching fish in a well with him… he found that so fascinating can never forget the innocence on his face he used to throw stones in well so that we can watch fishes.

Well we all freshened up and met again for the lunch which was very simple , away from all the spices……but then who cares when we are hungry….so after our lunch was over we went to the beach…
It was our first encounter with the virgin beach…it was quite clean…trust me it was a mind blowing experience to see the beautiful coastal region of Konkan...

Can still hear the sea noice some times it was hell scary and some times soothing…all played in water…nothing scared them neither the tides nor the sea animals…accept few like me who were scared of water and Rashmi who loved to sit near the seashore all the others played football and did lot of masti

They all just freaked out….it was pleasure watching all of them away from all the tensions and worries of life…and the best part of the trip was our phones were out of coverage...I guess we all would have never thought to live w/o our phones for 2 days but I am sure no one would have actually missed it either.

Then comes the Sunset……!!!!!!
After being in water for long we all were bit tired and were damn hungry so thought of having dinner and then planned to come to beach again….When we reached the venue where our dinner arrangements were made things were looking pretty different…All the other people who came in the trip were in the mood of dance…..And our group being over enthusiastic and full of fanatics as usual just need a chance to dance so we rocked the floor as we had some great dancers in our group…Please don’t think that I am exaggerating actually our group has many talented people and they at knew to live their life to the fullest….that is why we rocked.

And we kept it going…….!!!!!!!!!! The Pic below…. gonna be most remembered……!!!!!!!!

So at about 10:30-11:00 pm we all went to the beach the way to beach had no lights there was complete darkness and we made all sort of noises to scare each other but then we have all the brave people in our group so nothing worked…
At the sea shore we all just relaxed our self and spent few hours staring at the sky which was inky black and full of twinkling stars , seeing the reflection of stars in the deep blue sea was incredible…and in the background some romantic tracks (Specially Kahin to hogi woh…) to make the atmosphere very light. At times there was complete silence as all were lost in their thoughts probably might be thinking about some loved ones, some incomplete stories, dreams desires…. As one of my friend always says that we always miss our closed ones when we are on such places … or when it rains…I guess everyone there was experiencing the same…it was fantabulous…. We did not realize that it was mid night, actually we all felt like sleeping there only but then it was bit cold. So we decided to get back to our rooms…

That night we lived our childhood again...

The journey continues...................

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ur trip seems to be full on fun n memorable too n u know the beautifuly u wrote felt as if i was also among the gang enjoy

:) have a second part too will post it soon... it was the first time i ever wrote in 2008...:)but posted it now...

A different way of writting, i liked it that way you used the pictures. I can see a lot of maturity is ur writing when i compare all ur blogs, keep going with stuffs like this..

thnks Rajesh for following up closely :)

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