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Marriage Vows !!!!

I know people you might be wondering why I picked up such a strange and might be even ridiculous topic to write about. But I have always been amongst those girls who want to get married!!! Oh puhleaseee don’t laugh a very honest dream of mine …there might be a lot of influence from my mom because she is just crazy about my wedding …since years she has been planning about how every function will be organized. Well I too have many plans … I know not everything would happen the way I want to…but will atleast pen down my thoughts so I that can cherish it forever.
         Ahh would like to start with the Sangeet program, I want to dance like crazy in ma marriage infact you guys will not believe  that with my best friends Shraddha and Aadi have also decided the tracks we will dance on. Aadi is the choreographer and she is trying hard that we atleast learn few steps lolz , at present learning  dance steps on “ Mehndi hai rachne wali” (Zubeida) trust me  it’s funny to watch us..Aadi has also decided her attires for the marriage she even has arranged the snaps so that there is no last moment chaos he he…I just remember one day I was in office and this lady sent me an email in which our bollywood Divas were dressed in sarees, the subject of the mail was “aku please decide the one for me” crazy isn’t it...These people support me in all ma madness and this is one of them.
Now a days the marriages are just planned for a day or 2 but I will not mind even if it goes for a week :P. In Indian weddings (specially the Marwaris) we have lot of customs and elaborate rituals and I want to follow each of them starting with Ganesh  ji ki pooja  that’s the very first thing done in our marriages this we call as “ Vindayak sthapna” After which starts the haldi  we call it “Pithi” ( I hope I am spelling all this words correct) , in this pithi a paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied to the bride and after this they cannot move out of the house they have some auspicious reasons for that. In one of ma cousin’s wedding I too tried, it was really very relaxing and the aroma was intoxicating, I just loved it. Well as the pre wedding rituals starts, in almost all the evenings a mehfil (get-to-gather) is being arranged where they play dholak and pre-wedding songs, there of  lot of dance and music. All the ladies do Ghoomar (a folk dance) my mom and masis (mom’s sisters) are just too good at it. I don’t know how to do Ghoomar but will try and learn before my marriageJ.
                  Another function that I recall is “Mahira” where the maternal uncles come amidst the celebrations and give lots of gifts to the people of the house. I am very close to my nanihal people so this function means a lot to me. A thing worth notice is that majority of the girls are more close to their nanihal strange... he he. Then comes the “Mehndi” function that’s my favourite infact majority of the girls might feel the same. Umm so after the Mehndi function we have Sangeet the most awaited event in the wedding. On the wedding day or a day before it, groom's relatives bring the “shaadi ka Joda” (Wedding Dress) to the bride's home along with the jewellery. Then comes the wedding day, the bride wait for groom's marriage procession (baraat) there is street dancing by the baraatis though sounds and also looks funny but I am sure everyone enjoys it. Anyways after the mood is set and the music is on who cares where we are. And then the “Pheras” and “Bidaai” and finally you live happily ever after.... (That’s an ideal case :P , have read somewhere that : Love is Blind , but marriages restores it sights")
I know the marriages are marked by flamboyance and grandiosity but I want my wedding to be with good cheer and loads of fun.  Well tried to write with the best of my knowledge, we have lot of post wedding rituals too but not very sure about them, I think I need an experience ;) so will update you people the day I know .
  Marriages are losing importance in today’s world but I believe it’s the destiny for people in love. It resembles one of the purest bonds and the best thing about marriage is that you can fall in love with the same person many times .So People those who are married, those who are planning to and those who are not planning but have to it’s an appeal to keep you marriage brimming with immense love and lot of trust. As said that the goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together. It is one of the most rewarding commitments we can ever hope to make. 
All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different

Cheers !!!

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sach a feeling wala bolg re....very nice...and will ROCK in your mrg...

Yeahh !!! we will hope things settle down fast :)

Hahaha Nice thought and you posted in chronological order nice !!! BTW when did you wrote this much... Go Get Married to your man !!

@Subhash :) yeah planning ASAP..thanks a lot for reading !!

is the word
so when is "mehandi hai rachne wali"?
let me know in advance
i also have to select outfit n learn some dance steps

hey di yeah sure but long way to go !!!! ye to bachpan ki feelings hai ;) nothing on plate rite now :P

A New Blog After almost 20 days hmm….Dont make your readers wait for this long.

I feel that this time it gives a feel of an essay rather than a blog. This time it seems, you wrote this blog in hurry. You had set the standards with your blogs & now the problem is that I have raised my expectations on your blogs.

What you wrote is a nice thought neatly put on the paper but it is unable to create that special magic which your blogs do every time.

This was my opinions being a well-wisher & a follower of your blog I thought of telling you what I feel about this blog like I always do.

Hey Rajesh, Thanks a lot for your honest comment i really appreciate that. Well while scribbling down this time i had a doubt that something is missing might be the same thing that you are calling "magic" .
I wrote the blog 15 days back but did not post for the same reason , but then i thought might be reason is that this time not much of emotional stuff and second i wanted people to know about our culture !!!
Never mind will try and work more on it and hope not to disappoint you next time :)
Thanks a lot again for being a true follower !!! If You have more suggestions you are always welcome :)


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