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The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist.

An orphan is a child permanently bereaved of his or her parents, the literal meaning sounds harsh, sarcastic isn’t it??? Every child has got right to get education and an opportunity to live a descent life. But unfortunately there are millions of children who are living without any support system and are even deprived of the basic human needs.

It has been long could not update you people about Saraswati. There have been many visits to saraswati, every visit made me feel special, in every visit got to learn a lot from the kids. In one such visit, we arranged a doctor’s drive in saraswati, just regular checkups where we checked BMIs and some regular stuff. I was shocked to know that not even a single child had normal BMI (which should have been approx in between 19-25), and the doctor told me that the conditions are even worst in other NGOs where many of the kids suffer from malnutrition.  I enquired about the diet these kids are given and got to know they eat only Daal-Rice had a word with “Aai” she said that is what they could afford.  It is very disheartening to know the facts and face it. Anyways it’s a relief that organisation like ours are doing excellent work and taking CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seriously. During the checkups I was given the responsibility to maintain the excel sheet, so all the kids used to come to me first. Little Saagar came to me and was just staring at me with frank fascination, I asked him what happened?  After a long time this shy boy replies that “di aapka nails blue kyun hai” ha ha that was my nail paint colour, I started laughing and all the other kids too came close to scrutinize what is weird with my nails and when I told them it’s ma nail paint got lot of suggestions from young girls as in strictly not to use such colours  :P.  Another thing to my surprise while updating the excel was that the NGO people have chosen 4-5  Last Names  and have randomly given them to kids infact many kids have also share the same First names. No wonder I am always confused with their names and these smart kids always test me by asking me to recall their names and also spell them. Lolzz So in all the Doctor’s drive went well, and for kids it was just like another get together.

I also visited NGO when the IPLs matches were going on, Uh was surprised to know that each and every one of them had a favourite team, Mumbai Indians was the most popular name, When they asked me about my favourite team was speechless, as I never followed IPL, the small boys lost all interest in me, Jiva said to me “ Kya Di IPL nahi dekhte”  : (. The first time I realised IPLs popularity, so now to make them happy I found an alternative, I joined Nalanda, Aishwirya ,sakshi who were playing Raja Rani Chor Police” . We used to play this game when I was 7-8 yrs but honestly enjoyed a lot while playing the game with them. Their mischievous eyes when they used to cheat and secretly peep into my chit which was worth watching. I awe them for the smile on ma face.

Also would like to share about my most recent visit. Well one of the director in my organisation planned to celebrate his daughter’s b’day with the NGO kids. So as decided we reached the ashram at around 4pm. When we entered the perimeter of the ashram a covey of children saw me and all came running towards me , it has been after long I cud make it to Saraswati and the first thought that came to my mind was that I have already missed a lot of such moments. It feels great when you are welcomed with such beautiful smiles; all the kids huddled around me and were complaining for my absence, for not being in touch with them. After giving them some filthy excuses finally things were as normal as before. The kids started giving me all the updates about their life, one of the best news I got was that all the kids passed their exams with flying colours, they are working hard for a better future.

By the time I was with the kids all the arrangement were done for the b’day bash .  It was “Kanni’s”  5th b’day , she was in her own world  ,too innocent  to understand  the realities of  life , she played with all the others  and enjoyed the slides . That reminds me to tell you people that a group of people have donated 2 slides and have also utilised the unused land at the centre of ashram to make a garden.  We also have cement boundary walls now so the ashram has become a better place to live in. While we were about to leave the place one of the family member( from Mr Mohan’s family) came to me and said that the kids actually like you a lot and are genuinely close to you. I was actually surprised that it never occurred to me, but it was nice to figure this out.

This time another friend of mine Shraddha got along with me, she told me that not every NGO provides such a good life, the conditions there is really deplorable and pitiable, at ground levels the reality is hard to hear. But People nothing is impossible even if we can spare a little time it can make someone’s life. And I believe that today’s generation understand their responsibilities towards society. I too have many people around me who are doing great work to help this unprivileged children their efforts are unparalleled. How thoughtful it was that Mr Mohan instead of throwing a lavish party planned his daughter’s b’day in an NGO, Dr Pooja who has been working hard to get the slums kids educated and has initiated an effort with name “Paathshala”, Shraddha who goes every weekend to provide tuitions to the kids in NGO named “Niradhar”....and many more.... Have you ever done something like this, if not it’s not too late trust me on this, you will always cherish the time you spared to make someone happy. You will always feel proud to make someone’s life.

People quality time is the biggest gift you can give to them and they actually crave for it or else for the matter of fact we too so it’s time to act now and act as if what you do make a difference and it does. Many innocent souls seek help and they have a hope that one day God’s angel would come and bring smile on their face. Please go ahead and be one of them. Someone needs you and someone is waiting for you ...take a call...

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can.  ~Sydney Smith

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It is really nice thing that you spent that much time with them and care about them. Yes truly said biggest gift one can give is Time.

Kudos to your efforts !!! Keep it up.

thnx dude !! It was great that you people came along today , hope you also enjoyed !!!

Realy NICE n GUD work...
Keep it up "AKANSHA"...

Realy NICE n GUD work...
Keep it up "AKANSHA"...

Thanks a lot Karan !!! for reading my blog and appreciating !!! it gives lot of morale boost up which i actually need to continue writing

I have only 1 thing to say about this blog

"The Magic Worked Again..." :)

Thanks Raji ..was waiting to hear this from you ..might be that was the reason that the new blog was posted so quickly!!

i m really proud of u... amazing to read and really inspiring.. keep up good work!!!!!

thanks ID :)

great work n amazing thoughts
its only people like you who can bring about a change
thums up

thnks Di!! but the efforts you are putting in as i have already mentioned is unparalleled!!

Love ya

i came to this blog only cos i saw a comment from dr pooja! if she has recommended something, i knew it had to be quality writing, and i wasnt disappointed. hats off to u akansha, while most ppl just say tha they wish to do something for the society, u have actually gone ahead, spent ur time, and done so much of caring and noble work! and not to forget, u write well too! keep this up!!

Thanks Anand , for reading and appreciating our work and writing. Thanks a lot Dr Pooja too she has been doing a great job. It's an honor that she recommended me :)

Yes we Enjoyed it and hope to visit them more often.. We will work the issues we found.

A nice and honest peice of expression! :)

Thanks a lot Mayank :) Welcome to Rida !!

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