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Friendship Day is around….(I know I don’t have to say sorry for posting it so late :P though have written it well before, actually you people keep me very busy ;) )So I can for sure say that this is one relation which never strives for a special occasion. Being with friends is an all time celebration. I must consider myself a bit lucky in Fship as I have many angels in my life. We can discuss our future, share our dreams and talk about our fears and their friendship is invaluable to me.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

I would like the world to know about these special people in my life. My roommates Shaddhu and Aadi, I just love them for always being there with me, for listening to my garbage talks, for tolerating all those love songs which I make them play every night, for pestering them for ginger tea at night though they are least interested in having one, for bitching with me about the people I hate, for consoling me when I need the most, for waiting till late night so that we can dine together, for trying to get me rid of all the bad habits I have (I am not mentioning any of them here :P :P ), for forcing me to write a special blog dedicated to them ;). Well gals so here is the one dedicated to you lovely people. Thanks for being my extended family and the best people in my life.

Aadi I can never forget the night when I was crying like hell and you were beside me, it was the worst day of my life and you were the only one with me. And people you know I threw my phone which was the biggest investment I did on myself, Aadi heard the loud noise and she came running towards the drying room. She saw me and then the phone, she shouted akkkuuuuu… I looked at her and was sobbing like a baby because I was upset and this chick says “your phone is all damaged” was taken by surprise she is more concerned about ma phone than me , Aadi started collecting all the pieces and watching her I just somehow could not stop myself from laughing …this is how friends are isn’t it?? Motu Aadi I love you a lot and sorry for endorsing your dancing capabilities to all and making you dance every now and then but must say you are the best dancer I have ever seen live.

Shaddhu is a darling…well I have always needed her more than she needed me. I always look for her advice when I cannot decide on things. I just love the way she pampers me. I will always cherish our late night talks even after saying goodnights and then struggling the next day to wake up and go to office, I just love the faces she makes when I use slangs…I love you a lot though you call me parrot :P

Richa, Chandni, Swati, Manjula & Subhash my office mates. They have made my life so easy in office, after truck load of work when we meet each other at breaks it is just an amazing feeling. We meet and we say shit about the people we don’t like in office and then just forget it. We all, it seems to me were destined to meet, when we met we all were facing tough times in life though the tough times have not finished but for sure we are with each other to deal with it. We cry together, we laugh together, we party together, we moan together, and we are together. I like when I use “WE” that is our strength. I wish all of them get the best in their life as they deserve the best and if any BC comes in between that…then uski to MBA lolz

People, this time I know I don’t have to make an appeal to value friendship as you all already do that. So as said the medicine of life is to have several true faithful friends.

Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead. Do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead. -- Anna Cummins

                                  Love you All

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That was seriously beautiful... i m feeling really gud motu... Cheers for our frndship!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice blog... this time there were some typo but given benifite because of the emotion... nice emotions and the nicely ended :) Iski maaa ki !!!!!!! :D :) :)

Miss you people here... Hope to see you soon again !!!

:) thnks for d benifit of emotion u r cumng soon n den again we will party..whoopiii

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