All I am I owe to my mother...Mommy's girl

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Today I am missing my mom like anything so it gave me a good reason to write something about her. It has almost been 3 years that I am staying away from my family but still did not get used to being without them.  I try and keep myself as busier as I can but still there is no one who can and there is no way I can fill that vacuum. 
Even now when she comes to leave me at station I have tears in my eyes. I always have to carry extra bags with me so that she can pack all my favorite snacks though I crib in front of my friends “mumma na sunte hi nahi hai inna saara snacks de dete hai”   but I just love it , we all actually love that gesture of love. As I look back upon the years gone by life feels like bliss. I still miss when she used to wake me up with all those lovely nick names sona ,monu, betu, goldu  and there are many others, you people might also be having many right ?  My exam times when she used to be awake till the time I study at night to serve me tea or with anything I need. And then again wake up early to company me.
 I still remember during my school days I always was in habit of studying till the moment I enter the exam room. And on the day of exams did not even want to waste a second, I used to have a milk mug in one hand, book on the other and she used to help me in wearing my shoes.  She used to daily come to my bus stop to leave me for school. I miss doing homework with you mom, and those fancy dress competitions it was all fun.
In my college days she used to always take care that I look beautiful she was the one who used to choose the dress for me. If any day I looked dull she used to put a teeka on my forehead. Though my college mates used to tease me that seems this girl has an affair with a pandit he he but I used to feel it was trendy . And of course like for all the mothers, for my mom too I am her perfect daughter not sure whether I am or not …but will always strive for it.
Now life is no more hunky-dory there is no one to leave me till my bus stop, no one to select dresses for me, no one to take care of me…Just want to say to you mom that I just need your presence here I love you a lot..For me the whole world is at one side and you at one...Need your warm hug I really miss your pampering and actually everything about you. You made my life as beautiful as a fairy tale …You are my divine angel.

People…Please call up your mom to say her that you love her because many times we don’t think it’s necessary but it is…. I already did...

I hope they're still making women like my momma. She always told me to do the right thing. She always told me to have pride in myself; she said a good name is better than money. - Joe Louis

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no jokes for mom n on a serious note ... u made me also remember my mom ... bt y ur childhood photo ... photo to aunty ki honi chahiye ... he he he

Really gud one yaar....bola tha tujhe rulane wali hai tu sabko.... hope you will be calling her soon to say that you love her... know i myself started crying..when i was writing ..not because i have written so well but because we are so sensitive about our people and specially mom

Got to see ur another angle. It is quite touching

Thanks Kasper...:)


Thanks ID :)

The best one till now... Awesome

Thanks Nilay.. i think its the Mommy's effect :)

that's exactly right....

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