Chlorine is my new perfume

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 Natation (My first experience of Swimming)

Ah have joined swimming classes yippy...I am a big time water phobic so the first day was like a hell for me have never even take a shower properly because I fear from water so learning swimming was something close to risking my life and obviously a very big deal for me.
I and Aadi suddenly went mad on Saturday (13th Feb 2010) and purchased all the stuffs we needed and joined the swimming class. It was very fascinating to see the blue water but only seeing it from far away was fascinating actually my heart was skipping beats with the thought that I have to get down in water. And Aadi was so much happy as she wanted to do chhapar- chhapar in water that is what she calls swimming in her language. I stepped towards the pool side and was just staring at water, my trainer shouted at me to get down. He was getting on my nerves who can explain him that the water is scaring the hell out of me. Well somehow I managed to use the stairs to get down in the pool the moment my feet touched the water I immediately came out from the pool seems like an inside upward thrust of phobia. Aadi and ma trainer shared a hidden laugh but they still encouraged me to try again. I also tried to make another attempt but this time in baby pool he he. I convinced my trainer that 2.5 feet depth is enough for me to learn swimming he gave me a sly smile and said “ok, only 1 class in baby pool “ . I could finally get hold of my breath and happily I got down in the water. But life is never so simple , like it happens in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soup my life is also with full of twists and turns so again comes the twist , I think nobody in that place want to see my smiling face. While I was enjoying in baby pool my trainer told me that the first thing you need to learn is to have a proper control over breathing. For which the exercise given was to inhale outside the water with mouth and exhale inside the water with nose. My problem was that I can have control over my breathing only when I breathe because of the fear from water I realized that I almost forgot to breathe. After lot of encouragement and support from Aadi and my trainer, after some unsuccessful attempts I finally did it. I finally learned the exercise. Though chlorine has become a familiar fragrance to me there is a long way ahead by the time I learn swimming. But it made me feel nostalgic about my childhood, when I first learned cycling, driving my dad’s scooter it was a similar feeling , similar thought process , I was as scared then as I am now . But if I have done it before I can do it now also. Wish me luck.
Also there is another reason that motivates me for swimming I want to defeat Aadi and Ajay (my best friends) actually drown them in the pool as they always make fun of me. D’oh it was a secret mission until now and now it’s an open challenge to both of you guys be aware I am coming soon. I am a dabbler now but will become an expert soon.

Seventy-five percent of our planet is water - can you swim? ~Author Unknown

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hey that was cute ... yeah akku we will see who is going to sink ... he he ha ha he ... well these swimming classes are fun ...

yes aadi i enjoy it more because you are around baby

All The Best - Aku.

Thanks Su i really need that specially after my last class ..

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