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There are millions of orphans world-wide. Some of them live on the streets, some in foster care, and some in orphanages. Some of them are abused or..... And it goes the same way....
Out of my busy schedule (just trying to flaunt a bit ;) that I am busy)... I got a chance to visit Saraswati ashram...Well if I am asked what I felt like...it would be very difficult to express my feelings but will of course try...so the journey begins here

About Saraswati Ashram: They adopt the child and provide him/her healthy educational platform at here for his/her brighter tomorrow.

26th Jan 2010
Like many of us would like to spend a holiday especially if it comes on a weekday I would have slept till afternoon. But this Republic day had something else in store for me. I always used to struggle to be part of a NGO where I can put in my earnest efforts. I have always believed that I can change things around me might be hoping against hope but honestly never did anything to change things around me it has always been a mere thought. On Monday (25th Jan) while surfing through the official mails I read about saraswati ashram which is supported by the Organisation I work with. And this time I did not let it go...
We went to ashram which was kind of a remote place a slum area. The approach road to ashram was difficult to cross especially with all the eyes staring at us , anyways we somehow managed to reach there.
After we reached, Richard who is the regular supporter of the ashram introduced us to Devidas Ji (the one who started the organisation) and the other caretakers. While this introduction session was going on I was feeling very distracted my eyes gazing from one kid to another. They were playing around and a bit happy that they saw some more people...well honestly was feeling like monkey in a ZOO..But there was something special about those kids or might be for the very first time I bothered to look them so closely. They were very cheerful and all seem to be excited about the flag hosting.
Devidas Ji asked Richard to do the honours I can feel how proud and important he could have felt he modestly hosted the flag along with Devidas Ji and few others. Just after the flag hosting all sang Jan Gan man...I was proud to be part of this celebration.
Now comes the most interesting part, we got a chance to interact with the kids..Shobha , Santosh,Kajal and many more . Aadi danced with the kids in their tune and taught them some dancing steps, she is a champ in that...It was all so fascinating. Got to know a completely different world...We all were having time of our life. A girl Shobha who studies in Class 9 came to me to tell that she wants to come with me to spend the weekend with us. When I said alright let’s make it next weekend I saw her eyes dazzling with excitement, she gave a big smile and it was actually the moment of magic for me. I would also like to share a secret  a selfish interest of mine I was actually feeling like a celebrity infact all of us, all eyes were on us when we used to sit they used to sit, when we used to stand they used to stand.For every inch movement of ours they used to adjust themselves accordingly. I hope I am not offending my beau because even he makes me feel the same he is the love of my life...no...The love of my existence...I am highly influenced by Twilight he he and also cannot write anything without mentioning him. Well did not even realise how the time just passed by ,will never be able to forget those beautiful moments and neither do I want to that’s why after knowing the fact that I am a terrible writer I am writing .
I was at terrace with the kids they were showing me the pet they have Pigeons(dozens of them) when aadi called me up that lets make a move I was least interested in leaving that place but finally we had to ..All the kids came to escort us till the gate...It was a stupendous experience being there. I am now waiting for the next weekend to come have lot to listen from the kids and lot to say...But No child deserves a life like that. Orphaned or not.
We all have a thirst of experiencing these magical moments but many of us don’t put in the efforts. Trust me you don’t even have to go an NGO you can still make others smile...The world around is very beautiful and full of life only we need to do is to make an effort. Uh...That gives an agenda to my blog:

Mission: Make others smile

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.


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Nice Work, Akansha.. Keep It Up.

Akansha, good to see your blog, it’s nicely written; successfully reflects the sight and the emotions. My best wishes are with you for more such noble missions and generous acts. I am looking forward for more such blogs from you…

Thanks Rajesh ..

Thanks Sir you have always been encouraging will try to put in the best of my efforts.

Well.. You are the best..!!

Thnx Ajji ..its great when your mentor compliments you..and will take this opportunity to say that you are the one who has inspired me.

Very well written article. Expressing these kinds of feeling is not easy but you have done it so nicely. I appreciate and agree with your views. This is a great way of showing that someone cares by spending time with them and they are important enough to be chosen.
Keep up the good work...

Thanks a lot Di...words are right on target.

Ur words made me feel the feel u had that time... :)... keep up ur work lady...:)

Thanks Gal !!! You are one of the most beautiful person i have came across in ma life

Hey ,Akansha ,a very well written blog .It is indeed very difficult to express all the feelings when we come across such places/incidents , but you have rightly caught all these emotions into words,my all wishes to you dear ,keep it up !

Thanks Rash ..great that you read the blog :) Will try modestly

Once i talked u on phone and i knew u have got a lot of talent and this is only a part of it.All the Best.

thanks Sir!!!

Hi Akansha
I would certainly like to give a helping hand to those who are in need next time you visit let me know I belive "We have eaten the furits of trees which we never planted."
I believe "We are temporary custodian of wealth we should share it with those who are less fortunate."

Hi Akansha
I would certainly like to give a helping hand to those who are in need next time you visit let me know I belive "We have eaten the furits of trees which we never planted."
I believe "We are temporary custodian of wealth we should share it with those who are less fortunate."

Most welcum Abhi :) well at present they really need help as coz of some license issues , they hv no supporters.You can contact me on ansh1705@gmail.com :) thks a lot

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