When love knocks your door..

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The strongest emotion out of all, yes it is love...something that I never believed in but I believe in now...trust me it’s an addiction and it sends chills down your spine.

I really wonder that how anyone can love you so much that he makes you feel like the luckiest person on the planet. His presence is a soothing reassurance which makes you feel that you are not alone but he is always there by your side. When waiting for even a single day to meet your love seems so tough. Every single second you miss that person and want to be with him. Someone has quoted it right that “Love happens just once and rest is life” I can vouch by the fact that when you fall in love it seems like there is a kind of magic around Nothing matters the place, the time, the reason, the situation  the only thing that matters is he belongs to you. It changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try but the feeling never goes away.

I cannot deny the fact that ‘HE’ is the best thing ever happened to me because if I do so I will be cheating myself. I really consider myself lucky that I experienced the true bliss of love.

A billet-doux which is long pending…

When I see you darling, in the morning before showers or with your camera clicking pictures in all those uber cute postures I know that you are the most handsome man in the world. I find myself at loss of words I wish I would have been a poet or a writer and could have expressed myself the way I feel about you. It has been an amazing experience for me, when I think of you and the life we have shared. It is lifetime of memories. While writing this I remember thinking of the time when I was in hospital after that terrible accident , You entered the hospital room and just went blank seeing me I was trying to pull all my strength to tell you that I am fine but just cried without saying a word. I looked at you with pride that comes only to those who feel deeply in their hearts and I knew that no one can be luckier than me. I am glad that the accident happened because you made my journey of pain and despair, the most beautiful days of life.  Watching those movies together in hospital, seeing the album that I gifted you which had beautiful memories of ours, your struggle with the hospital staff to make them understand what I wanted to eat (in Jakarta because of language barrier), those sleepless nights because of pain when you would keep telling me that soon we will be out of this place and rock. I remember the day when I saw myself on mirror for the first time after the accident and was rocked with silence, you just held me tight and whispered in my ears that you are the most beautiful girl for me… how can I ever say that the accident was a bad experience.

It is impossible for me to remember a time when you were not a part of me. I have no clue who I would have been had you have not been with me. There is no better way of life I can think of living. It’s just your smile that I need to see when there's no other remedy, you put me together, and you complete me. In time of grief and sorrow I will hold you and take your grief and make it my own. We can together make through the potholed streets of life. I will stand by you through your thick and thin.

I love you, you are every dream, every desire, every reason I have ever had. And whatever is in store for us in the future, every day that we have spent together is the greatest day of my life. I am always yours and head over heels in love with you.

Waiting for a candle light dinner ;) I do deserve a one. And remember my heart is always at your service.

To the people reading this blog....life is too short to hide this strong feeling, make you partner feel very special today and always.  

“They do not love that do not show their love” < By William Shakespeare>


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Touched!!!Just amazing:):)

thnks Cha :) :)

awww this is sooooo amazing <333

thnksss Anku <3 :)

loved it akansha....... had tears in my eyes while reading..... really love is magical...

loved it akansha.... had tears while reading.. LOVE is magical

@yamuna those who feel deepy in hearts ..they can actually understand what love is all about :)

And here comes a master piece for the Most Important Person in your life.....

beautifully written! u r truly lucky :) all d best to the both of u for every step in life!

@Raji yes :) thnksss @Chaitali thnk u so much dear :)

:) Beautiful :)

Beautifully said, we all run all our lives but forget that the ones who loves us, cares for us they too need to be hold that we love you.

God Bless you and a lot of wishes for you

@su thnkss garlie !!! @devoir thnk you so very much !!! Yes we ignore the imp things in this hustle and bustle of life ..

Simply beautiful... so touched!!! I'm falling short of words while writing this. You write beautifully, my friend... Hope you keep penning down your beautiful thoughts in the same way...

@neha thk u so much :) :)

A fitting tribute to the perfect love story! :D

A fitting tribute to the perfect love story :D

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